Red Hamsa Bracelet

14k Yellow Gold.

Adjustable Red Thread.

The Hamsa has been worn for generations as protection against the evil eye. Stemming from mystical kabbalistic sources, the reasoning behind this is that The Hamsa represents the 5th day of creation, the day fish were created. Just how fish in the sea are covered by water, the evil eye cannot reach them. The evil eye has no dominion over them. 

The red string is viewed as sacred, as a way for people to feel connected. The red string has traditionally been worn as a symbol of good luck and protection. The significance behind this is that the color red (adom in Hebrew) is tied to life and vitality. Red is the color of our blood (dam in Hebrew), the word for man in Hebrew is adam, and the word for earth is adama- all of which share the same linguistic roots as adom (red). The red string thus also represents the life of humans on earth.

Protect your energy. It is everything ✨

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