About Us

Luisa Alexander is a fine jewelry brand created and designed by Sara Rabinovitz. Born and raised in Mexico, Sara developed, from an early age, a strong driven spirit, affinity for color, love for beautiful and good quality design, and love for life and family. These qualities would go on to become the founding pillars for Luisa Alexander.

Her force showcase a unique perspective of fine jewelry, creating life-long investment pieces with touches of personality. Her love for family is the driving force behind collections like Liami and A to Z, an assortment of beautifully personal custom pieces to carry the name and birthstones of your loved ones.

For Sara the most important part of her job is to make sure her clients are happy, offering incredible customer service for the creation of beautifully unique pieces. Along with her original designs, she works closely with her clients to create bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces by appointment.